Luxury, Light and Breeze

Your home emulates your personality but its the aura that comes from a flurry of small additions to it. Design, Lighting and circulation are now being incorporated as a vital part of a home.

Chandelier Lighting has found a place in every kind of home – be it modern or traditional, urban or country. Orient Electric is one of the leading consumer electrical brand in India is now redefining luxury for its consumers and they have recently unveiled their super innovative Eleganza range of premium chandeliers with unique feature of air circulation.

I recently had a chance to attend the launch of Orient Electric Eleganza air circulating chandeliers, where design meets innovation. It was exciting to watch the unveiling of such elegant work.

People don’t usually notice ceilings but with Eleganza range of air circulating chandeliers your home is sure to stand out. They are not just luxury, they are also a perfect balance between affordability and luxury.

Eleganza makes a style statement with its high quality crystal and premium looking metal finish. They have launched 3 models which has retractable transparent ABS blades along with 3 colored LED lights and a remote controlled operation. They instantly brighten up dull corners and is ideal for those who wish to give wings to their dream homes.

Every home deserves a statement piece, one that makes its mark and Orient Electrics take on modern- luxury chandelier design is reflected through their attention to detail, the ability to craft unique pieces. Eleganza Air circulating chandeliers ups the overall style quotient and revolutionizes the way people see homes.

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