6 Tips to shop successfully in a sale

With all the sales around, I can’t stop myself from shopping. But what I have also realized is, it is important to get the best bargain out of it.

1. Opt for a targeted approach

Perfecting your sales shopping technique is key if you’re heading in-store. Assess your wardrobe beforehand and work out what you don’t have and need to buy – I make a list to curb impulse spending.   

2. Thursdays Are Best

If you want to buy a pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing, your best bet is to try shopping on a Thursday. Stores know that most people come to the mall or the shop on the weekend, so they begin preparations on Thursday to mark down old merchandise and rotate new merchandise into the store.

By shopping on Friday and Saturday, you might score a great deal, but you might also have a limited selection – that’s not good if you want something specific.

3. Make friends with shop assistants

Friendly shop assistants are your key to finding out when further reductions will be made and whether there are more sizes in the stockroom. 

 4. Don’t turn your nose up at damaged items

Most stores should take money off a damaged sale item – we’re not talking a huge rip, just a missing button or a make-up mark. These can easily be fixed so think about your options before dismissing as the discount on top of the sale price may just be worth a 3-minute sewing session. 

5. Get on the mailing lists

If you wait to check your favourite sites and see the sale has started, you could have already missed out on the best bits. Sign up to mailing lists so that you’re notified instantly – some brands even offer sale previews to those who have signed up.  

6. Shop End of Season

One of the best times to get the most bang for your buck is to shop around the end of a season. Keep in mind that retail stores are a couple of months “ahead of the weather,” so you could still pick up a cheap sweater and get a month’s worth of wear.

Final Word

You don’t have to spend a ton to look great. When you’re smart about buying during sales and clearances.

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